Culture of Agartala

Agartala is a culturally developed city. The Bengali and Tripuri communities in Agartala have kept intact the unique culture of the city. Due to the regal patronage and influx of Bengalis from Sylhet, Comilla, and Noakhali districts from Bangladesh, the Bengali culture has been dominant here in Agartala while the Tripuri tribes are original inhabitants of Tripura. The Tripuris mainly live on the slope of the hills and they speak the Kokborok dialect. Kokborok is spoken around Agartala and in the Krishnanagar area near the city. The unique culture in Agartala can be understood from the dance and music, the festivals celebrated, the art and craft and the food habit of the people here in Agartala. Let us make a cultural tour of the Agartala city.

Festivals Celebrated in Agartala

Garia pujaBoth the Tripuri and the Bengali  communities in Agartala together celebrate their different festivals with much enthusiasm. The tribal community here celebrates different festivals round the year. Festivals like Buisu or Bisu (celebrated as  New Year eve by Tripuri people), Garia and Gajan Festival (celebrated in the month of April), Hojagiri (worship of goddess Mailuma or Laxmi), Kharchi festival (celebrated in 'Chaudda Devatas bari, Old Agartala) and Ker festival (celebrated just after a fortnight of Kharchi Puja) etc are important festivals of the tribals. While the non tribal communities celebrate festivals like Durga puja, Diwali, Holi, Eid, Christmas among others with enthusiasm.

Dance and Music of Agartala

The People of Agartala are very enthusiastic about dance and music. Dance and music are an integral part of the lives of both the tribals and the non tribals here. The tribals in Agartala perform dance and music like Bizu Dance (performed by Chakma community in Agartala), Lebang Boomani Dance (harvest festival of Tripura), Garia Dance (people worship the god of good harvest by singing and dancing), Hai Hak dance (performed by the Halam tribe of Agartala), Jhum dance (performed to inspire people to work harder), Hozagiri (Performed by Reang community in Agartala) and others. Rabindra sangeet and music is also very dear to the Bengali people in Agartala. Find below a list of the dance and music classes in Agartala.

Dance Classes in Agartala

Goodluck Dance Academy
Address: Agartala College, Agartala - 799004
Phone: +(91)-8974922452   

Tripura Dance Academy
Address: Agartala, Tripura
Phone: 096 12 074029

Music Classes in Agartala

Address: Jayanagar, Agartala HO, Agartala - 799001
Phone: +(91)-381-2313605   

Govt Music College
Address: Agartala, Agartala, Tripura - 799001
Phone: 0381 - 2326360

Chandra Tarana Musical Society
Address: Krishnanagar,Banerjee Para, Agartala, Tripura - 799001
Phone: 0381 - 2300926

Art and Craft in AgartalaArt and craft of Agartala

Tripura is known in the Northeast for its art and craft. The handicraft items of Tripura like cane and bamboo artifacts and wood works are wonderful pieces of art works of the artisans here. The Agartala city in the same way is rich in art and craft products. The people of Agartala are fine artisans very apt in making products out of cane and bamboo and wooden products also. These handicraft products of the Agartala city are much in demand in the Northeast and all over India. The government also takes initiatives to promote art and craft works in the city. There is the Government College of Art and Craft in Agartala that provides quality education in this aspect. The other art and craft classes in Agartala are:

Art and Craft Classes in Agartala

Government College of Art and Craft
Address: Agartala, Tripura
Phone: 2324689

Shilpatirtha Society
Address: B K Road, Agartala, Agartala HO, Agartala - 799001
Phone: +(91)-381-2233580, +(91)-9436506298   

Uttar Purbanchal Fasal Unnayan Sangstha
Address: Jail Ashram Road, P. O. Dhaleswar, P. S. Agartala, Agartala HO, Agartala - 799001
Phone: +(91)-9774307263   

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