Emergency Services in Agartala

 Emergency Helpline Numbers in AgartalaAgartala, the capital city of the Northeastern state of Tripura, is a rapidly growing city in the Northeast in every aspect. The government here is always ready to deal with any emergency situation befalling the city. Agartala is well equipped with emergencies like police, fire and medical emergency services. The emergency services in Agartala are operated by the government and also some private organizations. All these emergency departments in Agartala work continuously to provide instant emergency help to the people here and their help and support makes Agartala a good place to reside with safety and security.

Agartala Police

The Agartala Police always works round the clock for the protection of human life from any disaster and the betterment of the lives of the citizens. The aim of the Agartala police department is to safeguard the lives of the citizens by reducing the number of criminal activities and to bring to justice those who break the law. In case of any police emergency in Agartala city one can contact the police stations located in important corners of the city which are available for the public 24*7 to tackle all the undesirable situations.

Important Agartala Police Contact Numbers

Superintendent of Police, Agartala: 0381-232-3586
O/C West Agartala police station: 0381-232-5765

City Control (Agartala)
Phone: 91381-232-5784 /100

East Agartala Police Station
Phone: 91381-232-5774

East Agartala Women PS Agartala
Phone: 91381-232-4918

Airport Police Station
Phone: 91381-234-2258

Budhjung Nagar Police Station
Phone: 91381-239-1104

Amtali Police Station
Phone: 91381-237-0385

Jirania Police Station
Phone: 91381-234-6222

Lefunga Police Station
Phone: 91381-286-5283

Radhapur Police Station
Phone: 91381-253-0035

Mandai Police Station
Phone: 91381-234-6482

Ranirbazar Police Station
Phone: 91381-239-6787

Srinagar Police Station
Phone: 91381-286-1322

Sedhai Police Station
Phone: 91381-234-3222

New Capital Complex P.S.

Agartala Fire Service

Agartala fire department ensures that it reaches the fire spot immediately and that there are no loss of lives and property. One cannot really predict when and why is there a fire breakout. However, it has to remain alert 24x7 and protect the people of the city. A quick look at the fire services in Agartala:

Fire Brigade Stations in Agartala

Agartala Fire Station
Akhaura road, Battala, Agartla-799001
Ph: 0381-2225630

Ph: 0381- 2231834

Maharajganj Bazar
Phone: 2383101

Phone: 2353101

Medical Services in Agartala

Medical emergency is another most important emergency people face. A medical emergency in Agartala may be required in illness, accident and trauma. For dealing with medical emergency there are many hospitals and nursing homes in Agartala which are equipped with state of art technology. Ambulance services are also very crucial emergency service in Agartala which are offered by both hospitals as well as private organization that specialize in immediate response. The topmost hospitals in Agartala are:

Agartala Government Medical College
P.O. Kunjaban, Agartala, Tripura, PIN – 799006
Ph: 0381- 235 7004 / 7130

Agartala Hospital & Research Centre Pvt Ltd
9A, Mantribari Rd, Agartala H O Agartala-799001
Ph: 0381- 2309665, 2309666, 2309667

I G M Hospital
Near Umakanta School, Agartala-799001
Ph: 0381-2325883, 2325736, 2323332

Ambulance Services in Agartala

I G M Ambulance Services
Phone: (0381) 2325736
Address: Near Umakanta School, Agartala HO, Agartala - 799001

GB Hospital Ambulance Service
GB Road, Kunjaban, Agartala- 799001
Ph: 0381- 2355888

ILS Ambulance Services
Address: C/O Ils Hospitals, Agartala, Agartala - 799006
Phone: (0381) 2415000

Blood Bank in Agartala

IGM Hospital
Address: Near Umakanta School, Agartala, Tripura – 799001
Phone: 0381- 2325736
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